Monday, July 16, 2012

actor/dancer JOE SLAUGHTER @ Soul Artist Mgmt.

I am a big fan of dance movies so it was a real treat  to work with actor/ dancer/ model Joe Slaughter who is currently represented by Soul Artist Mgmt. in New York City. he first caught my attention when he joined the cast of the third movie in the Step Up dance movie franchise, Step Up 3D, playing the role of Julien (the villian).

the final dance battle from the movie Step Up 3D

With his gorgeous blue eyes and curly blonde hair, Joe Slaughter is probably one of the most beautiful faces I have yet to capture in front of my lens. His energy and spirit was also great to be around. The images we created were simple and quick but stunningly beautiful. I can't stop staring at them.

 I really enjoyed working with him and I can't wait to work with him again.

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