Monday, May 9, 2011


its all about the showcase.

 THE ARTISTS from left to right: Victor Ross II, Greogry Prescott, Sidney Etienne, Me, and William Elliot Springfield

Sidney Etienne, Gregory Prescott, William Elliot Springfield, River Clark, Victor A Ross II, Ocean Clark, Willaim Hessian and MYSELF participated in a group art show at Pudding Factory in New Jersey. This was my first time being involved in an art show this year and I had a great time hanging out with fellow art friends.
I decided to show my photographs of photographer Ron Arrindale as Jesus for my Jesus Was A Black Man series.
  I had fun hanging with "my dawgs" and viewing their work. I was a great opportunity to expose the fine art community to my work. I enjoyed the reactions I got for my Black Jesus series. It allowed me to exercise a more artistic aspect of my photography. I even gave out my 1st autograph which was soooo exciting.

 Me and Victor had never been to Hoboken so before the art showcase we spent the day hanging out....

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  1. Congrats on the show!!! I hope the responses were positive!!!