Wednesday, December 2, 2009


For many girls it is a dream, but last night it became a reality for Lyndsey Scott @ Click Models. She worked the runway in the Victoria's Secret fashion show which was broadcasted on CBS last night.

I remember a shy young girl standing at my front door in the Bronx looking like a skinney girl scout - clueless as to what to expect from working with me. I was working on a beauty editorial where she and Ibrahim Yaqut @ Red Models were to be kissing. I wanted them to portray a wicked kiss with smoke coming out of their mouth. It was very difficult for Lyndsey because was nervous it was her first time working with a man in a sexy way and she wasn't a smoker, but she was a trooper and endured the smoke up her nose and was able to give me a steamy set of images.

Congrats Lyndsey..... I love to see models I have worked with doing their thing. :)

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