Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Arterotica is an annual event sponsored by Trace magazine that features art photography, paintings, and performnce art that has strong sexual undertones. It was located at this lilttle bar/ lounge in Soho called Madame X. This was the fifth event and the third time I attended. They were featuring art works by painter Jonathan Herbert and photographers Gregory Prescott, Sidney Etienne, and William Springfield, whom all three of the photographers are very good friends of mine. It was the perfect location for an event like this. The decor and atmosphere was so sexy. I love coming to this place.

Attending this particular Arterotica not only gave me the opportunity to mingle with models featured in the artworks like Victor Ross, Ramel Murphy, Ashley Durvernay, and Shandra Starks - It also gave me the chance to kick it with photographers Jeffery Andre and Sean Watters (who always has the latest insiders dish, lol).
above: images by William Springfield, models Victor Ross, Ramel Murphy, and Shandra Stark chatting with photographer Gregory Prescott. photographer/ model Sidney Etienne with model.

above and below: model Ashley Durvernay chatting with photographer Gregory Prescott

above: the painting we affectionately called the purple booty-hole pic by Jonathan Herbert. Sean Watters browsing thru a draft of Gregory Prescott's hard bound book that I think would be a perfect gift for me ( hint-hint Mr. Prescott, lol)

dance performance artist Jazz....

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