Monday, October 13, 2008

introducing Deric Mickens @ Silver Models

I found Deric Mickens on modelmayhem a few months ago. When he flew into NYC from some small town in Ohio with his little duffle bag and a dream of making this modeling happen. lol Almost instantly he started booking little jobs that that paid him enough to make NYC his new home. As fast as he got here he was snatched up by Adam @ Silver Models.

Deric Mickens @ Silver Models photographed and styled by Me

Deric is a great guy to work with. I love his energy and his confidence. he has an great face that appeals to everyone and a body thats top notch. He is one of those guys that seem to catch on really fast to how to give to the camera. Most just stand in front of it not doing anything. I look forward to seeing big things continue to happen for Deric.


  1. i remember seeing deric on modelmayhem before you shot him. then again after he worked with you. the difference was amazing.

    keep heating it up, boi.

  2. You're the man! Loved the interview and how you're personality shines throughout..much success to Deric and of course to the "The Great" Mr Love..

  3. Good interview bruh. Good to hear someone shed some lil light the weight issues of male models.

    Love this blog - grind on, wit yer Asian ghetto girls servin drinks hahaha.

  4. I want my invite to that party. ;-)
    Great interview.