Thursday, October 9, 2008

Shooting Pierre Woods@ New York Models for UPTOWN Magazine

all images are un-retouched.....

Me and my my boy Pierre Woods of New York Models served it hard ...this time for Uptown Magazine. The luxury lifestyle magazine is working on a feature story about Pierre Woods and Pierre chose me as the photographer to capture him and the style team of Kelly Browning,who is manager advertising stylist for Polo Ralph Lauren and her assistant Randal Jacobs. Model Brandon Parker was the style prepper. Crystal Clark was the groomer who made Pierre look flawless. Photographer/ publisher of Suavv Magazine Mike Letterlough was my assistant for this project.

We shot part of the shoot in Brooklyn near my neighborhood and the rest in the amazing loft of vintage collector Ali. When I walked in and saw the Italian version movie poster of Gordon Park's The Learning Tree, I thought I was in heaven. That was the first movie i saw on cable tv when i was a kid, lol.

advertising stylist manager for Polo Ralph Lauren Kelly Browning assisted by Randal Jacobs

The set of images were to capture the lifestyle of a Brooklyn gentleman with education and heritage. Kelly and Randal did an outstanding job of coming up with looks that mirrored a succesful black man who loved clothes. They were able to take looks from the Ralph Lauren brand and marry them with vintage pieces. Everything looked amazing. Crystal made retouching unnecessary with her ability to make Pierre more perfect than he already is. He style of doing make matches my style of shooting. Its simple and light...she don't make men look like dragqueens.
I am very honored to have met Kelly and Randal and having the opportunity to work with them was a cool learning experience. I learned a lot about styling and the importance to detail.... these are some of the best images i have taken since i been in nyc...I am soooo proud of them


groomer Crystal Clark photo assistant by Mike Letterlough
thank you mike - i couldn't have pulled this off without your help....

yep, thats me with my babygurl, Canon Rebel xti- I named her Veronica after my favorite supermodel, y'all can call her Miss Webb, lol

I am so happy that Pierre went to bat for me to have this opportunity, thank you soooooo much.. His agency had the opportunity to chose a more known photographer to shoot this and Pierre made sure my name was thrown into the hat. It is great to know that some of the people I work with value my friendship and hold my photographic contributions with the same respect that they give some of my more famous counterparts.
As soon as it comes out you guys will be the first to see the final images......

Gotta give Pieerre his props for being able to slide them size 12 feet into size 8 shoes... with no complaints...bravo, pimpin, bravo!!! LMAO


  1. Awesome... Tarrice!!!!!...I just gotta commenton the shoe thing cuz size 12 in 8?? I know that had to hurt!!1

  2. bravo! even the outtakes look great

  3. Great job man. You still doing GREAT things man. Keep it are an inspiration!


  4. YoOoOoOoo dope shoot I am a sucker for anything Ralph Lauren, You captured some amazing pics I'm sure and as anonymous said on 10/09/08 said the outakes are awesome too!!! Great shoot where can we see the actuals frames that were chosen at???

  5. That's my brother you're talking about. My name is Nicole Virlinda Woods.. Ask him and he'll tell you. I'm in the navy and tell him I said hi if you talk to him soon. I'm happy you think my brother is perfect. That made the tears of joy I cry even better. Thank you for helping his dream come true.