Tuesday, September 16, 2008

NY FASHION WEEK - Spring/ Summer 2009 highlights

Lately I haven't been very excited about NYC Fashion Week. Its proven itself to to be very lack luster in its clothing, visual presentation, and the model choices. Each season I anticipate a return to the artistic creativity that made me give up the comforts of southern living to move to NYC to be apart of the fashion world - only to be disappointed. European runways seem to be the only place where designers get to flex their artistic muscles and take risk while American designers do repeats of safe boring clothes you can get at H&M, Target, or The Gap. I remember being glued to the tv watching American designers like Todd Oldham, Isaac Mitzrahi, Anna Sui, Betsy Johnson, Byron Lars, John Bartlett, Sean John and Marc Jacobs really show'd their asses and took fashion risks that were all about being artistic, creative and fun. The models strutting down the runways reflected the diversity of the world. Each model was chosen to bring the designers artistic creations to life. When i was studying fashion i drew my designs on the model i wanted to see wearing it in the show.

here is one of my fashion drawings - the asymmetric swing basketball jersey dress with platform air jordans and basketball handbags worn by (left to right) Georgianna Robertson, Veronica Webb, Naomi Campbell, and Tyra Banks

The way the top models "worked" the clothing really did help sell the vision to us. They fullfilled the fastastical aspects of the fashion world. The models, as diverse in race as well as personalities, inspired us - served us fantasy. Women wanted to be them while men wanted to fuck them - and viceversa. Its not like that anymore - the models are blank clones of each other ...skinnier... and make the clothes look boring. As a matter of fact, they walk the runways like the hate the shit they are wearing. .....
I am feening to be inspired by fashion again....waiting for the "art" to return.

I am excited to see more of my model friends strut the runways.....

Shylow Wilkinson, Lamar James, and Goldie -all @ identities NYC

look at Darrell Walden @ Fusion strutting his stuff at the DKNY 20th anniversary show....one of fashion weeks highlight presentations

Frank @ Identities NY

Russell Simmons Argyle Collection was the only show during fashion week i actually went to and it was hella exciting to see (above)Frank @ Identities NY . So many celebrities were there - Bow-bow, the Simmons sisters, Danity Kane, Laurie-anne from Making the Band, and Kadeem and his mom Bethann Hardison. I was kinda intemidated by all these people i held in high regard like models Will LeMay and Isa Rahman. Everything that came out of my mouth sounded like Charlie Brown mush. LOL I saw supermodel Stacy Mackinzie and just stared at her because i was too afraid to say anything to her.


  1. You should turn that sketch into a real photo! I am rooting for you as always :D

  2. hahaha whoda thot Tarrice would be SHY? Bruh, why were you scared??? lol. Like my grandma said "if you're scared, get chu a dog."

    Truff? I've had lots of dogs and I STILL get star struck & scared around people I have great respect for.

    It won't be too long before you'll be on the celeb list for those events Mr. Love.