Tuesday, September 2, 2008

introducing Christian DuBosse@ basic model mgmt.

photgraphed and styled by me, tarrice love

When met Christian Dubosse he never gave modeling a second thought - his main priority was college. After meeting with him and months of one on one development ....he realized he could make a serious career in fashion. After making the rounds to the agencies, Basic was the ones who believed in his look as much as me.

I think Christian has potential to be a big star in this industry and i look forward to see his progress and growth. We did sooooo much together. I am a little disappoint that none of the work we did together appears in his portfolio. ....Well at least the work attracted the agency's attention enough to get him signed. I am still proud of him and want to see him do amazing things in this industry.

photgraphed and styled by me, tarrice love

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  1. Helluva face on this dude. I'm diggin tha KGB feel on the lamppost. lol.