Saturday, July 12, 2008

OH MY GOSH, it's Dynast @ Silver Models NYC!!!!

Albert Hollis aka Dynast is a sports and fitness model with Silver Models NYC. He lives in ATL and i hold a special place for my fellow southerners. Adam ( of Silver models) sent me a email letting me know that Dynast was in town and was available for me to test. Dynast himelf also sent me an email wanting to meet up with me to give me his compcard and discuss the possibility of us shooting. We met up at Barns and Noble on 54th and 3rd in Manhattan. I was sitting there - in my Fedex uniform when i saw him enter.

Tall, dark and handsome...he was great. All i wanna say about Dynast is that his body is crrrrrraaaazy. If i could have swap bodies with him for 2 days.... the first day i would lie around naked with mirrors and stare at myself. lol The second day i would bang every chick rawdog'd i could get my hands on before i had to give him his body back. He would definitely have to go get some kind of shot when he got his body back, LMAO!!!!!! Dynast was easy and lay'd back to work with and i look forward to shooting with him again.


  1. i've seen any number of shots of this guy over the past couple of years and nothing can compare to what you've done here. silver models is going to have to up his rate after this. lol!

    great job, as always, my brotha.

  2. WOW! These pictures are gorgeous. It appears that Dynast is in even better shape then before - I wouldn't have thought that was possible. I've been in love with his photos for years. I even bought a few from his personal website store. I wish I could buy these. CAN WE!? Please say yes.