Tuesday, July 29, 2008

introducing: LYMARIE@basic model mgmt.

Lymarie @ basic model mgmt. is another model who was on my "The Dream Wall" in my room in Memphis. I had her picture from her first modeling job featured in Vibe magazine. I love working with girls like her. She is gorgeous and natural. Her vibe is so fuxing sexy but it has that tough girl-ness. Since i'm not willing to beg or kiss ass to stylist to work with me, I designed and styled her outfits myself. The styling was inspired by the vide she was giving me - sexy - fierce! It was like Mad Max meets Catwoman. The ideas were spontaneous and coming faster than i could produce. I was on that roof top screaming like white girls at a Beatles concert. lol I HAD SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!

this is the photo of Lymarie thatwas on my dream wall in memphis

She reminds me of girls at home. The girls in Memphis that i had worked with were very cool and laid back. They also didn't mind contributing and bring something to the table. In order to create good photos models haveta be willing to meet us photographers half way. Lymarie does that and more. She is a real pro. She is another model i don't haveta do hardly any retouching to her....she has amazing skin. I love me some Lymarie!!!


  1. the video is ok,however dont say you seen her off modelmayhem that cheapens both you and the model, just say you booked her from basic model management!!!!!!

  2. Hey im enjoying watching your video clips. you seem like a nice down to earth dude. it really rare that you find really talented people who are actually nice. I love your work and mabey we can collab some time.
    Ricardo MrStyle

  3. We obviously have similar tastes bro cause I loooove me some Lymarie too. The new pic is fiyah...the classic strength & elegance that you capture so well.

    And re the comment above about Model Mayhem. lol...I see the point about how only ordinary, real people who don't live in elitist ivory towers are the ones who use lowly sites like Model Mayhem as networking tools. I guess if you want to give the appearance of being gods & goddesses of beauty dropped from Heaven above you shouldn't mention it.

    But as for me and prolly the majority of my generation...we prefer the REAL. Seeing the photos of awe-inspiring beauty and knowing it all happened in a very real way with real people on their grind....THAT'S what inspires & titillates me. I consider that quality priceless & you can't cheapen "priceless."

    hahaha...yeah...I said "titillates" :-D