Sunday, June 29, 2008

013: Me and TAY-TAY

this is me in NYC after meeting with Daryl Washington and Earnest Williams @ Fusion Management

This past week i was on vacation. Shelling out that $400 for that air conditioner and another $350 on a new computer hit my pockets hard. I couldn't afford to go back home to Memphis. I decided to chill out and shoot a little and just relax. I set up a few TFP session to explore some new ideas with new aspiring models ( they all either cancelled or stood me up). This best part of my vacation was chillin out at my good friend, fashion photographer Itaysha Jordan.
this is me and Itaysha Jordan @ her studio in Brooklyn finishin up the best cheeseburger and chocolate milkshake

me in bryant park with model Rumando Kelley - a bird shitted on my V magazine :(

me lost ...again and i ran into Shawn Sutton on the streets