Tuesday, June 17, 2008

010: introducing Pierre Woods @ new york models

i met pierre woods last fall during fashion week at the Nico and Adrien Spring 2008 show. I already worked with most of the guys in the show and i saw Pierre and immediately wanted to work with him. After the show, we exchanged info and i gave him my card. i wanted to follow proper procedure and set up a shoot thru his agency. they kinda blew me off when i called. A few days later he called me himself to set up a shoot. that made me feel really good that he was impressed with my work that he would set up a shoot with me without making me go thru the agency crap. Pierre is a really cool dude and unlike most of the models i have worked with....we have developed a friendship. For me being new in nyc and pretty much alone....his friendship is something i truly value. I look forward to creating more hot shit with pierre.....


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