Friday, August 12, 2011


I shot 2 of the new girls Jaqueline Wiegand and Julier Bugge from Soul Artist Mgmt. It was officially the hottest day of the summer. It was so hot in my studio space that I almost cancelled. I originally had planned to do some fall fashion stuff, but i threw that idea out the window and decided to just wet them up and get them out of here quickly. I dont think no one can imagine how hot it was that day.....and without air conditioning. These are the results of a quick test shoot when its too hot to be doing makeup and hairstyling....

introducing JACQUELINE WIEGAND @ Soul Artist Mgmt.

introducing JULIER BUGGE @ Soul Artist Mgmt.

special thanks to Jason, Andrew, and Lindsey for trusting me with their new girls. Because I don't have a team, most agencies won't even give me time of day with their women. Being around my momma, my granny, and all those FABULOUS southern belles...I learned a thing or two about makeup and hair. lol

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