Sunday, April 18, 2010

PASSION pt.1 featuring SHYLOH WILKENSON @ Identities Inc. & CURIN WILKERSON @ Wilhemina Model Mgmt.

One thing I wanted to do with this series of images was create a fashion story of depicting diverse couples in a passionate state. Shyloh Wilkenson of Identities Inc. and Curin Wilkerson of Wilhemina Model Mgmt were the first couple i shot - my African decent couple. Rarely do we see black people portrayed in a passionate, romantic way  and I wanted to do that with Shyloh and Curin.

I didn't have access to a stylist or the kind of clothing I wanted to shoot for this series so I used my available resources and made the clothing myself.  Shyloh's braiding dress was made out of a fitted bed sheet. I actually made it on her body.
Curin's looks were taken straight from my closet. I inherited this vintage Christian Dior v-neck from my grandfather when he died and used it for this shoot. I broke a mirror and covered his briefs in the pieces.

photographed by Tarrice Love
featuring Shyloh Wilkerson @ Identities NYC - Curin Wilkinson @ Wilhemina NYC.
clothing designed/ styled by Tarrice Love
makeup / grooming by Tarrice Love

One of the most interesting looks was the "rib-caged" look. I sketched it out on my way home from work while riding on the subway. I made it out of a Calvin Klein t-shirt. I assembled it on her body at the shoot. It looked amazing against her skin  and she wore the hell out of it. I really enjoyed taking a idea and making it come alive ....

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  1. Wow!!! I really love this shoot!!! I like the pieces you constructed especially the briefs with the glass attached to them..Hot!!!