Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Lawrence Annunziata was the first model I had the opportunity to work with when I first visited New York  during my summer vacation in 2006. I was living with photographer William Springfield in the Bronx. His agent, Tim Harris @ Identities, contacted me about shooting him because he had just cut off his gorgeous afro and he need new pictures of his hair cut. I was nervous but I wanted to shoot strong images  that showed a sexier side of Lawrence Annunziata.

Toward the end of the shoot, I recall, Will and a full team walked in on Lawrence standing at the sink - but ass naked and we just continued like no one was around. Lawrence seemed more anxious to get a amazing shot than to cover himself. Working with Lawrence was a great way for me to break the ice of NYC. After this photoshoot, I felt comfortable enough to constantly push myself and challenge myself to take models out of their comfort zone and show them in a new light.
After this photo session, Lawrence  and I worked together all most every week  during my summer vacation in NYC.  We have continued working together on countless projects since I have made NYC my permanent home. Lawrence is one of the handful of guys I have worked with who really embody "supermodel". He moves with confidence and effortlessly understand his body and face. He set a standard that many have failed to meet. He is a "cold-muthafuckah" in front of the camera.


  1. This was the first time i was introduced to the both of u...Been a fan of both since..

  2. beautiful shot love the natural light