Tuesday, March 23, 2010

...A NEW LOOK - SEANDON @ Boss Models NYC

Actor/ model Seandon started the new year off with a new look - he shaved off ALL of his beautiful hair and asked me to photograph his new look. I have been working with Seandon since 2007 and each time its a challenge to capture him in a way that goes beyond shooting him "urban." Since he no longer had the hair, I wanted to really focus on his beauty and the artistry of his form.

Seandon has all the components to be an amazing model. He has a great personality with boyish charm, great features with the most perfect pouty mouth, and he has a great body. He effortlessly exude a sex appeal that comes to life in front of the camera. I enjoy working with Seandon because I like challenging myself and challenging his own boundaries of how he sees himself. He can do more than stand on the block looking like a urban model.


Seandon has recently expressed and interest in acting and has been studying and developing those talents - preparing for what he is going to do with his life when modeling is over. Check out his blog - WE SAW YOU


  1. Hands down, my 2 favorite cats in the game right there; the 2 cats that first inspired me to get into photo illustration work; and over the years, the 2 cats who also turned out to be the most down-to-earth, likable, approachable dudes I know in NYC. My nutso schedule doesn't allow me to spend much time on the phone, but Tarrice & Sean are the only 2 exceptions to the rule. Ya'll have crossed the "phone convo" bar. hahaha. Got mad luv for you guys! Grind on. These new shots are absolute hotness!