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Monday, November 23, 2009


I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Emarie Wiltz from Lifetime Television's Project Runway Season 6.  I had worked with her before for a fashion editorial for a hip-hop magazine when I first came to New York. She was very professional and nice. I enjoyed working with her then and hen the opportunity came for me to reunite with her - I jumped on it.

Working with Emarie, I wanted to create imagery that would celebrate her beauty in a high-fashion way. Her portfolio was lacking that and I wanted what i did with her to prove that she was very capable of pulling off "fashion/ edgy" and still be classically pretty.

She also showed me her intelligent side by telling me about a t-shirt line she started called Global Recess.  Its a clothing line geared toward spreading the message of global issues that are often overlooked or unheard of, including but not limited to: human trafficking, the military use of children, and poverty. She wanted to address these global concerns in a fashionable way.  Each t-shirt designs tell stories and are inspired by abstract art. Each issue has its own unique design, yet maintains a cohesive brand identity. A portion of the proceeds of each sale is donated to a selected organization combating that specific issue, thus fostering a “Global Recess.” Each shirt’s packaging includes a short description of the issue it is combating and information regarding the charitable organization receiving the proceeds.

photographed by Tarrice Love
featuring Emarie Wiltz
styled by Tarrice Love
makeup and hair by Tarrice Love

I was very impressed with the designs and the message behind them. In an industry filled with shallow and superficial people, I was happy to meet a model who was interested in making a difference that goes beyond making money and being "fabulous".
I cain't wait to get my hands on some of the pieces to photograph and I look forward to working with Emarie again.....

Thursday, November 19, 2009


With his classic American good looks and innate poise, Detroit native, Alex Ciappara brings good ole fashioned boy next door charm it modeling. With his brand of straight forward handsomeness in high demand, look for him to make a big splash campaign trail. I first saw Alex in the work of Lima, Ohio based photographer who goes by the name Photog J, who is a close friend of mine. I loved J's images of Alex and liked his look and wanted to work with him too. So when Florian @ Boss Model NYC called me and asked me to photograph Alex's new haircut I was happy to oblige. When shooting him, I played off his relaxed energy and kept things simple and comfortable. I wanted you to focus on his natural beauty.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


The unconventional yet bankable appeal of native New Yorker Isaiah Colbert first caught my attention in photos shot by Samuel Zukato. I immediately got in touch with Isaiah and set up a one- on - one meeting. After meeting him in person I definitely knew their was star potential in him. He was handsome with these amazingly beautiful piercing green eyes and a slim, almost perfect model body. He also had a charm and features that reminded me of President Obama. My challenge with Isaiah was to capture him in was he had never been photographed and I wanted to show that with his unusual features (especially those ears, lol) that he was marketable and had character and personality that was multi-dimensional.

After I shot him his girlfriend sent the pics to George at Red Models NYC and they signed him instantly. I am very proud of Isaiah and with his personality, unique look and the agressive push Red tend to give their black guys, I anticipate a rush of editorial magazine work if the near future. Watch out for this one y'all .... this is one to not sleep on.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Russian beauty, Anastasiya Zimina @ Identities Inc NYC is bringing sexy back in a big way. This girl to watch stopped by my studio for a quick test with my friend, photographer William Elliott Springfield, who was in town to shoot the upcoming Pelle Pelle campaign. As I watched her in action, I decide to grab my camera an ge a few shots of her myself.


Cole Giordano is currently represented by Click Model Mgmt. NYC/ 6+1 Management.
The ginger haired beauty is an editorial and runway force to be reckoned with. I was very excited to work with Cole and I'm looking forward to seeing him appear in some of the top men's style bibles very soon and on some of the blue chip catwalks, it's obvious this native New Yorker will be on our radar for some time to come.