Thursday, November 5, 2009


The unconventional yet bankable appeal of native New Yorker Isaiah Colbert first caught my attention in photos shot by Samuel Zukato. I immediately got in touch with Isaiah and set up a one- on - one meeting. After meeting him in person I definitely knew their was star potential in him. He was handsome with these amazingly beautiful piercing green eyes and a slim, almost perfect model body. He also had a charm and features that reminded me of President Obama. My challenge with Isaiah was to capture him in was he had never been photographed and I wanted to show that with his unusual features (especially those ears, lol) that he was marketable and had character and personality that was multi-dimensional.

After I shot him his girlfriend sent the pics to George at Red Models NYC and they signed him instantly. I am very proud of Isaiah and with his personality, unique look and the agressive push Red tend to give their black guys, I anticipate a rush of editorial magazine work if the near future. Watch out for this one y'all .... this is one to not sleep on.

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