Friday, October 28, 2016


model: Brian Scott - @bchristophercorp
(Chosen Models)
ph. Tarrice Love - @bytarricelove
concept: me

When I first moved to New York City, I left my family, friends, and everything I knew to pursue my dream of being a fashion photographer. I put everything on faith and believed it would happen. Today is my 10 year anniversary of living in NYC.
model: Art Stroman - @/stro_sho
ph. Tarrice Love - @bytarricelove
concept: me

In the beginning I focused on creating images that I hoped would make people stop, linger, and ask questions. I wanted you to remember what you saw and stay in your mind. I pulled out all my creative cards to make that happen. I didn't have access to designer clothes so I used the resources I had and took creative risk to make artistic images that were beyond basic fashion shots. I was  more creative with the styling. I used my fashion talents to make things customized for the model so that no one else would have those kind of images. I hoped the images would help the models stand out against the hundreds of models casting directors had to see. I'd make the model show some character and personality by spinning, dancing, kicking, singing, screaming, and even saying the word "fuck"...anything that showed energy and made the images come alive.

When I do body work and  artistic nudes I would make them move and pose in ways that made their bodies look beautiful, fluid and graceful... like works of art that would hang on walls in a museum. People tried to make it a negative thing - so I focused more on shooting basic fashion pieces hoping stylist and designers would consider working with me.

model: Chayse Tucker - @official_it_boy
ph. Tarrice Love - @bytarricelove

left: Dallas Wade - @flashman.wade
right: Lailani Dawn - @lani_dawn

left: Rob Evans - @robjamesevans
center: Stephen Midgett - @stephenmidgett
right: Randy Bowden Jr. - @randybowdenjr

model: Sean Christopher - @spthegh0st
ph. Tarrice Love - @bytarricelove

I noticed the modeling agencies would only use the simpler images in models portfolios and the creative shots stayed in somebody's desk drawer. I then started focusing shooting great portraits that were classic, clean, and would at least appear on the model's compcards.

left: Kavious Cole - @hollywood.cole_
center: Isha Blaaker - @ishablaaker
right: Tashon - @eurshon

left: Yunis Torres - @its_yunis
center: Tyren Redd - @tyrenredd
right: David K. Price - @kingdavidsworld

I've come to know the polished, clean, and sophisticated look is more NY style and that doesn't lend a lot of space to have your own style. Most of the black photographers I know who work in the ny market tend to play it safe...thats probably why their are no black photographers doing the same things that photographers like Bruce Weber, Mario Testino, or Steven Meisel get to do. All the black photographers I know that are located in other cities tend to have more fun and get to be creative. I wanted to build relationships with the agencies and other fashion people so I put my more creative ideas on the back burner and focused on giving people what I thought they wanted.

It didn't work.

Not only have I not developed any new relationships in the industry, I have become bored to death with photography. My work blends in with everyone else's. It's starting to become difficult for me to tell my work apart from other photographers.

I've come to realize that it is impossible to find happiness when I am holding myself back... limiting myself, and suppressing my own creativity. I am a creative person and I should never have stifled my creative growth to try to fit into this industry.

Right now I am trying to find my creative space again and really show y'all what I am about. 
I am an artist.

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