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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


model:  SEAN JAMES  ROBINSON (unsigned)
ph. Tarrice Love
styling: Tarrice Love

I was coming home  from work  one day and  decided  to  walk through Times  Square. I saw  Sean James  Robinson  standing  in front of Aeropostale clothing store. I had seen photographs of him shot by Cliff Watts and thought he  had an awesome look. He was just as striking in person as he was in those Cliff Watts pics.
I walked up to  him and told him I wanted to shoot him and gave him my card. Shortly after meeting, we set up a session. We instantly clicked.... and so did my roommates.

Sean has a very cool look with angles that cut through any lens. His background  is a unique blend of Jamaican, Chinese, British, and African American.  Under a  strict diet and  exercise  program, his body is chiseled to perfection. He moves like a dancer in front of the camera forcing me to push myself. He gives every concept life when most people do just enough to get by.

New York is a  tough city to be in when pursuing your dreams, especially coming from San Bernardino, California with no family.  He has worked hard to build his editorial network with really great photographers  like Cliff Watts and appearing in new online  magazines like Distinct Homme, Obvious Magazine, UnSound Magazine, and Fab.Ego Magazine. He is  positioning himself as a definite face to watch in the coming months.  Its a matter of time before some lucky agency snatches him up and he is appearing on major runways, fashion editorials, and campaigns. I am glad that Sean and I are friends and he has made himself  accessible to any crazy idea that pops into my head.

model:  SEAN JAMES  ROBINSON (unsigned)
ph. Tarrice Love
styling: Tarrice Love

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