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Thursday, June 21, 2012


Venecia bennett @ Saints International 
styling and photography by Tarrice Love

Before I moved to NYC I didn't have  access to  really cool fashion nor were there  any available stylist in my hometown of Memphis, Tn. I was forced to channel my design skills and create clothing and accessories based off the types of clothing I wanted to photograph.

I moved to New York City because I wanted to work with fashion people and have access to designer clothes. The politics of the industry has made these things as inaccessible as they were in Memphis. I'm still forced to use my artistic skills into creating things from scratch or random things around the house. Sometimes I feel like i'm on Project Runway or something, lol. The models love that I customize things  for their shoots....they call me  MacGuyver, lol.

When top modeling agent Deiwght Peters at Saints International in Jamaica  contacted me asking me to work with newcomer Venecia Bennett I had no idea what I wanted to do. I don't have a reliable team of makeup artist and stylist to work with so I headed to Bargain Hunters ( a store that sells damn near everything for cheap) on Fulton Ave. in Brooklyn.  I saw this  little handbag for $2 so I bought four of them. I really liked the textures and figured I could  do something cool with them.

beaded bobo handbag by xhilaration (i paid $2)

The end results was me cutting the handbag open and removing the lining from the inside to convert it into a bustier top with the  handle as a matching choker. I loved how it turned out. The only bad thing about this was that the beads  were falling all over the place. :)

Venecia bennett @ Saints International 
styling and photography by Tarrice Love

My best friend suggested since online and print magazines aren't interested in images that don't have "relevant" showroom clothing that consumers can buy on recognizable models that I should post the images on my blog and spotlight my creative process more. So I've decided to do blog postings called "I MADE THAT..." to emphasize my artistry and creativity.