Sunday, February 19, 2012

introducing OMARI GORDON

i have been very busy working on a special project that will debut in early March. I have manage to squeeze in a slew of new faces into my tight schedule. today i've decide to introduce 16 year old Omari Gordon from Glendale, Arizona. I set up the session true photographer and magazine editor Jerris Madison and his mom, Jeanelle Lanham.

Usually I don't work with a lot of minors, but I was really inspired by his look. With the images, I kept in mind his age and made sure  the  finish work was polished and edgy but age-appropriate. Omari has a great look, wonderful attitude, and exhibited professionalism beyond his years. I wish more models where like him. The best part was that his mom wasn't a stage mom-type. She was as cool as he was to be around. 

I enjoyed working with Omari and I look forward to working with him again and seeing his progression in the industry.

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  1. Thanks for post and kind words! Omari exudes professionalism and enjoy his drive and dedication. I loved the worked you produced.