Thursday, September 29, 2016

MUSE NO.001: Sean Robinson

Someone who makes you feel free to create with no agenda...
no restrictions.
Someone who inspires greatness.
Someone who loses themselves in the moment and inspires me to let go of all the industry shit built up in my head and create art.

A muse a person who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist....
 That's what Sean Robinson was for me.

model: SEAN ROBINSON (currently unsigned)
ph. Tarrice Love
scarf: Forever 21

He has no restrictions... 
He moves with reckless abandonment....
he's beautiful... 
he is ART.
Working in the New York fashion industry i find it extremely difficult to fine a model that inspires me to get out of my head and be free. Most people just want images that will serve basic purpose of helping them book jobs. They aren't interested in creating art. They aren't interested in creating images that will inspire others and raise the bar. They just want to play it safe with hopes of making money.

I have always been interested in creating imagery that will live beyond my own existence. I want to create imagery that changes how people see and inspire them to change...

One of the girls i shot told me that my images of her were the first images that she felt she could live with....hang on her wall as a testament of the kind of beauty she wanted people to see in her.
That is what a muse does!
model: SEAN ROBINSON (currently unsigned)
ph. Tarrice Love
scarf: Forever 21

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