Thursday, January 14, 2010


these are a few images from my nude book project of Haitian - American photographer/ model  Sidney Etienne

Early this week, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake ravaged the island nation of Haiti. I, posted up in my apartment in Bed-stuy,  watch ( via internet) the mass devastation and the innumerable accounts of the injured, impoverished and families of the deceased that line the streets of Port-Au-Prince. I began praying for the victims and Haitian-American photographer/ model Sidney Etienne who is a close friend of mine. His mom is amongst the hundreds of thousands affected by the earthquake catastrophe that has left her homeless (she is alive and unharmed).

Immediately, international teams from all over the world has reached out to aid the people of Haiti by pouring in food, water, medical supplies and aid workers. As the death toll of the disaster is expected to exceed 100,000s, their need is critical and urgent. Monitary doations are the fastest and best way for anyone to show their support. There are such problems with transportation and distribution to move donated items around Haiti, the most powerful way to act is through cash because it can turn be quickly turned into whatever is needed on the ground.

Even through these economic strains on my finances, I already donate a portion of my weekly salary to United Way and Red Cross, but during the month of January I will also take a portion of every photo session I book and donate it to the charity below and encourage others to help and make a donation of $10 or more....


  1. hey T... from what I hear, There is very little international presence in Haiti. Most of the aid recieved has been from individuals helping directly. Bodies are literally stacked in piles all over the street and exploding from prolonged exposure to the sun. I just got a donation of tents to send to Haiti and up to $2,000 in donations. I pray that this too shall pass