Thursday, December 23, 2010

LOST WITHOUT YOU: A Homage to My Nudes

I decided to re-post this video project....its very special to me.

Before i came to New York - me and my friends got together to do one last big project...a music video. My cousin was interning at Interscope Records and got his hands on the Robin Thicke tune "lost without you" and slid it my way. I then collaborated with video director, Arick Elion on the project. This was a project that paid homage to my nude work with a subtle re-telling of the biblical story of Genesis. I wanted the video to capture my photographs coming to life. The video features Tanieka Carter @ ny models, Brian Peters @ Ford Models NYC, Corey Reese @ Ford Models ATL and unsigned models Mercedes WareBrandon ParkerJessica HenryAllura Pulliam and a slew of others who appeared on my website when it was an online magazine.

I shot 50% of the footage and did the art direction myself to preserve my artistic style of photography for the video. I wanted to do a project that gave Arick an opportunity to showcase his video editing skills so I left a lot of room for Arick to work his magic. He had assisted me on projects for over 10years and I wanted to do something that allowed his talents to shine.

 All of the footage was shot in my bedroom turned studio in Memphis. This was my last big project before I moved to NY so I sent a mass email to all 72 models I was working with about the project. Most of them were not interest after finding out that they were going to haveta be nude on video.

We shot this video about a year before the song was released and emailed the song to all the models that agreed to do  it. They had only a few days to learn the song and we had no idea who was going to lip sync what they had to learn the whole song. I had alot of fun doing this project and I thank all the models who were secure enough and trusted my idea enough to allow us to film them nude.

here are a few behind the scenes clips from this video project:

clip features Brian Peters and Jessica Henry


clip features Allura pulliam


clip features Brian Peters


clip features Mercedes

clip features Brandon Parker

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